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Genomadix Cube™ CYP2C19 System

Rapid genotyping for antiplatelet therapy.

1 in 3 people carry mutations.

30 percent of Caucasians and 40 percent of Asians carry CYP2C19 mutations that impair drug metabolism. For heart attack patients, most complications from poor Plavix® response occur in the first 24 to 48 hours after cardiac stenting. 

There are currently over 20 million prescriptions of Plavix® worldwide. Knowing whether or not a patient will respond positively to prescribed medication, has the potential to improve healthcare for many. Rapid CYP2C19 genotyping helps doctors treat patients with the most effective drugs.

Non-invasive Test, No Preparation.

Our test requires a simple cheek swab to operate. Swab the patient’s cheek and insert the sample into the tube. No pipetting. No DNA extraction. No complicated procedures.

Accurate Results In One Hour.

A third-party study of 605 individuals found that the Genomadix Cube CYP2C19 test was 100 percent sensitive and 99.3 percent specific compared to bi-directional DNA sequencing. Results of the test are available, after just one hour. No other analysis is required.

Medicare Reimbursed. CPT Code 81225.

Reimbursement is available from Medicare and most insurers, using CPT Code 81225. CYP2C19 gene analysis of common variants for drug metabolism.

Benefits of the
Genomadix Cube CYP2C19 System





Reimbursable from Medicare

Results in One Hour

For heart attack patients, speed is important. Most complications occur in the first 24 to 48 hours after cardiac stenting.

99.2% Correct Call Rate

Data from a 621 patient study showed that analyzing a buccal sample using Genomadix technology, up to 21 hours after it was collected, will provide an accurate genotype call.*

*Data on file at Genomadix to support the European CE Mark.  

Backed by Over 16 Clinical Studies 

Over 16 Clinical Studies have evaluated the Genomadix technology. See a list of top studies below.

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