Gloved hand holding results from legionella test

Genomadix Cube™ Legionella System

Rapid identification of Legionella bacteria in water systems

Legionella and Legionnaires’ Disease

Legionella bacteria poses a significant risk to the water systems of buildings. People who breathe in water vapor contaminated with Legionella are at risk of Legionnaires’ disease, a pneumonia that kills one in ten infected people.1

The problem is Legionella detection has been limited to slow and inaccurate testing methods that rely on off-site labs. To solve this problem, Genomadix applied our molecular-testing technology to create an on-site environmental testing platform for detecting Legionella bacteria.

Rapid Detection

Genomadix™’s test quantifies the amount of Legionella in a water source in just 45 minutes so you can detect contamination in real-time.

Accurate Results

Culture testing underestimates Legionella by an average of 17-fold2 and 77% of samples degrade during shipping to the lab.3 Genomadix’s test solves these problems by enabling on-site testing with molecular-based technology. Genomadix’s test uses proprietary technology to preferentially detect live and intact (pathogenic), and not dead and degraded (non-pathogenic) Legionella bacteria.

Instant Validation of Remediation

Fast and accurate results mean your team can immediately treat Legionella contamination before it grows to outbreak levels. This can help minimize outbreaks and avoid negative publicity.

Benefits of the
Genomadix Cube Legionella Test





Preferentially detects live and viable but non-culturable bacteria

Detects all serogroups

of Legionella pneumophila (serogroups 1-15)

Designed to meet the intent of ISO 12869**

Analytical specificity of > 99%

Is This Technology Right For You?

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