Federal Government announces official $74 million partnership with Ottawa’s Genomadix Bioscience, to quickly ramp manufacturing and production facilities


Ottawa- As of March 31st, 2020, the Government of Canada is investing $2 billion to support diagnostic testing and the manufacturing of critical health supplies. Recognizing incredible potential, Trudeau announced Genomadix Bioscience as one of three Canadian companies being fast tracked for federal funding to assist with combating the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Genomadix Cube is the world’s smallest DNA analyzer and would be ideal for fast and portable detection of COVID-19. It could be deployed at points of critical national infrastructure such as airports, government centres, and border crossings. It would also be ideal for remote communities that do not have access to central labs and mainframe DNA analyzers. The CDC has already published the genetic sequences for a test and Genomadix is validating it on their portable DNA testing device.

Paul Lem, CEO and founder of Genomadix Bioscience, says “We want to prioritize Canada first, so we’re talking with the provinces right now. Every day there’s some other country around the world or some large corporation that approaches us and wants to get access to our supply. But for now, we are holding them off so that we prioritize Canada.”

Read the Prime Minister’s official press release here.

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