Spartan Bioscience and SUEZ partner for delivery of the world’s first on-site Legionella molecular (DNA) test


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Ottawa- Spartan Bioscience, a world leader in DNA diagnostics, and SUEZ’s Water Technologies and Solutions (“SUEZ”), the company’s global business unit with expertise and global capabilities to help solve the world’s toughest water, wastewater and process challenges, have partnered to bring to market the world’s first on-site molecular (qPCR) Legionella test to their customers. Spartan Bioscience’s test quickly determines the amount of Legionella bacteria in a water source.

Legionella is a common bacterium that can infect the water systems of large buildings. When infected water systems release aerosolized water droplets contaminated with Legionella, building occupants can breathe in the contaminated air and contract Legionnaires’ disease, a pneumonia that is fatal in 1 in 10 people.

The recent partnership between Spartan Bioscience and SUEZ brings together SUEZ’s leading water treatment service programs, and cutting-edge investments in innovation and R&D for water and process treatment, with the rapid, molecular diagnostic expertise of Spartan Bioscience, to bring to market the latest innovative Legionella detection techniques.

“We understand how important it is for our customers to minimize the risk of Legionella in their facilities. That’s why we’ve decided to bring Spartan Bioscience’s on-site, rapid Legionella test to our customers,” said Dr. Andrew Leach, global product manager for Monitoring Solutions at SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions. “We believe this test will help our customers manage their water systems and ultimately help them mitigate Legionella contamination.

Spartan Bioscience developed the world’s smallest DNA analyzer with 14 years of validation behind it. Spartan Bioscience’s technology has regulatory approvals worldwide such as FDA 510(k), Europe CE IVD Mark, and Health Canada; and has been used in third-party peer-reviewed publications including the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, and more. It is also in use by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and various State Departments of Health. Spartan Bioscience’s diagnostic device has been deployed in precision medicine/pharmacogenetics and environmental testing, with tests currently in development for infectious disease, veterinary diagnostics, and many more.

Spartan Bioscience has received Health Canada approval for a rapid COVID-19 test that is being deployed across Canada. Rapid, in-field COVID testing has been identified as a critical component to controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

About Spartan Bioscience

Spartan Bioscience is the leader in on-demand DNA testing. The Spartan Cube, the world’s smallest DNA analyzer, enables unprecedented portability and convenience in applications such as infectious disease, pharmacogenetics, and food and water safety testing. Spartan created the first on-site Legionella DNA test to reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks in buildings. It consists of a coffee-cup-sized, portable DNA analyzer called the Spartan Cube® and single-use disposable test cartridges.

About SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

SUEZ offers the most comprehensive set of chemical and equipment solutions and services available, helping our customers manage and optimize their water resources and process challenges across industries and municipalities. It is their goal to enable their customers to meet increasing water demands and population needs, overcome scarcity challenges, enhance environmental stewardship and comply with regulatory requirements. SUEZ provides the advanced technologies that enable customers to leverage big data across the industrial internet to drive efficiency and promote collaboration. We partner with our customers to help them reduce costs and prepare for the evolving demands of their industry.

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