Spartan Concludes Covid-19 Test Fix; Prepares for Re-Submission to Health Canada


Spartan Bioscience has developed a fix to our COVID-19 test and is preparing for re-submission to Health Canada. The delay has allowed us to incorporate the latest information on COVID-19 and conclude 12 weeks of intense work where we tested approximately 10,000 samples as part of our solution. As such, Spartan will re-engage in the regulatory approval process in Canada in the coming days. Subject to Health Canada approval to proceed, Spartan will commence the required formal clinical validation study as soon as possible. We continue to target Health Canada approval mid-Fall and will provide regular updates moving forward.

Contrary to certain erroneous reports, Spartan has not received full payment for any contracts. Full payments are subject to Health Canada approval and product delivery. Spartan wishes to highlight that down payments from our partners have been critical in allowing us to scale test manufacturing capacity so that we are ready to mass produce immediately upon receipt of Health Canada approval. In collaboration with our manufacturing partner, Spartan has allocated significant resources to establish a new production facility and hire staff in the Greater-Toronto-Area.

Spartan understands the difficulties and frustrations that product approval delays have caused our government and private sector partners. We remain deeply grateful to the Government of Canada and to provincial governments across the country for supporting this made-in-Canada testing solution. We look forward to doing our part to help keep Canadians safe while re-opening our economy.

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